Madster RT, the new and improved 964 Backdate




Year of construction 




Porsche Madster RT

3.8 L 330 hp

Special mix, Silver metallic


0 km

1220 KG


Madster RT


The first “Madster” was launched at the InterClassics and TopMobiel fair at the MECC in Maastricht 2016. Since then we have developed a new and improved 964 Backdate, The MADSTER RT alongside the building of our first 964 Backdatse Targa : the Madster RT Targa.


All of our Porsche 964 backdates are built entirely in-house at our headquarter in Sittard, The Netherlands. Our headquarter is located in a completely renovated farm built in 1726.

From where we are able to do metal work, high class paint, engine and gearbox overhaul, engine superflow test stand etc, all under one roof.

We are one of the few companies who does complete body transformations out of steel. Everything is handmade by our very skilled staff. So every car is unique, like a piece of art.


A lot of companies worldwide want to do the same as Singer and are trying to copy them. We at Speed Service certainly don’t want to do that.

It takes thousands of hours to create a 964 backdate, so make it your own creation! That is our philosophy .


Each Madster built and each client will be treated with passion and personal attention to detail. To improve this we also have our own rendering program for the Madster. So we can make a virtual Madster together with the client. A lot of details can be discussed and adapted immediately to the wishes of the client. This gives them a good view what their dream Porsche 964Backdate will look like.


On this Madster RT we changed a lot of details, to make it perfectly customized for our client. In house developing off: front lights, back lights, alu electric adjustable mirrors, custom exhaust and the list goes on and on.

Despite the steel body parts, the weight from the car is equal like the iconic 964 RS, 1220 KG! Powered by the 330 HP engine, it is a sensation to drive this car. Power upgrades to 380 HP are an extra option.

We are even developing an aircooled 4 valve engine at the moment, then we can upgrade the power to 400-500 HP!


The third Madster, this time a Targa, has been released in the second quarter of 2023! Check out our (third 964 Backdate) Madster RT Targa,  (REVERVED!), through the link below:

This Madster RT (completed the first quarter of 2023) is Sold!

To see the pictures concerning the engine, body, interior, chassis et cetera, hit the red links below:

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Photo album finished 964 Backdate Madster RT:

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