First things First, what is a 964 Backdate?

You could be forgiven for thinking the trend towards so called retro-moderns is something new, a recent phenomenon brought about by a groundswell of enthusiasm for classic cars coupled with a desire to use them like a modern car.


It’s a trend that’s easy to understand, with the benefits clear: some of the most iconic classics of yesteryear are remixed with modern mechanicals to deliver a stunning and unique driving experience, with that delicious style we so love about classics.


But surely the biggest exponent of the retro-modern philosophy and the most suitable is the Porsche 911. They make undeniably, stunning objects. By retaining its beautiful classic look,  but being relatively modern, it s a joy to the eye and the drivers heart.




Madster Targa (completed the 2de quarter of 2023): Reserved!

Speed Service, The Porsche 911 Specialist! started building there own 964 backdates in 2015. The first Madster prototype was launched at the InterClassics and TopMobiel fair at the MECC in Maastricht 2016.

Since then we are developing more new and improved 964 Backdates, The MADSTER RT and a the MADSTER TARGA.

These Porsche 964 backdates are built entirely in-house at our location in Sittard, The Netherlands.

All body modifications are made of steel and are made by hand. A large number of parts have been designed by us and are manufactured in-house.

The color is our own mix and is a special kind of Silver metallic. 

It's 3,8 liter engine,  generates 330 horsepower.

These Madsters have a lot of custom details, to make it perfectly fitted to each of our customers wishes.

Therefore we develop our own customized front lights, back lights, alu electric adjustable mirrors, custom exhaust and the list goes on and on.

Madster RT (completed the 1ste quarter of 2023): Sold!

Speed ​​Service is an independent Porsche specialist and has no ties to the PON dealer organization